Submersible Pumps

With centrifugal principles, the submersible pumps operate submerged at the harvesting site, displacing high volumes of fluids in several applications, such as underground water supply, irrigation, industrial processes, or urban flood drainage. The practical and flexible installation easily adapts to different scenarios and necessities, eliminates the need for alignment, reduces costs and ensures high efficiencies.

Bomba Submersa

Concepts and Features

With the principle of centrifugal pumping through mixed, radial or axial flow impellers, Single or multi-stage, the submersible pump has been designed to have the ability to operate submerged at the collection site, displacing high volumes of fluid. The submerged operation ensures excellent thermal exchange between the motor set and the pumped fluid.


The motor is internally cooled out with water. The winding is manufactured with coated wire spirals which guarantee insulation and allow rewinding. The HIGRA’s technology axial and radial bearings ensure centralization and absorb vibrations and stresses resulted from rotary movement, absorbing as well as hydraulic thrust and pressure over the centrifugal impeller.

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Main advantages of the Submersible System

Submersible Pumps Models

Bomba Submersa Radial de estágio único

Radial Single Stage

Flows from 70 to 550 m³/h and pressures from 10 to 45 mH2O.

Flow rate Pressure
70 a 550 m³/h
10 a 45 mca
Bomba Submersa Radial Multiestágio

Radial Multistage

Flows from 70 to 550 m³/h and pressures from 10 to 150 mH2O.

Flow rate Pressure
70 to 550 m³/h
10 a 150 mca
Bomba Submersa Mista de estágio único

Mixed Single Stage

Flow rates from 140 to 700 m³/h and pressures from 7 to 24 mH2O

Flow rate Pressure
140 a 700 m³/h
7 a 24 mca
Bomba Submersa Axial


Flows from 400 to 2900 m³/h and pressures from 2 to 5 mH2O

Flow rate Pressure
400 a 2900 m³/h
2 a 5 mca

Irrigation Systems Feed

Bomba Submersa 3 Submersible pumps

Higra submersible pumps offer low cost and versatile installation. They are installed over rails, floats or directly connected to the discharge tubing, with no need for alignment.


Applied to many different situations, they meet all types of irrigation: flooding (rice), center pivot (sugar cane, corn and soyabeans), self-propelled irrigation (orange) or drip irrigation (orange, sugar cane and vegetables).


The flexible installation adapts to different submerged applications and irrigation systems, meeting the needs of several different cultivations.


Choosing HIGRA submersible pumps brings practicality, efficiency, and great results to irrigation projects, contributing for the environmental sustainability.

Installation methods

Bomba Submersa 3 Submersible pumps

Raft system

Bomba Submersa 3 Submersible pumps

Rail system

Bomba Submersa 3 Submersible pumps

System with pump hanging from pipe

Bomba Submersa 3 Submersible pumps

Chassis system with wheels and on rails

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