Aerators and Mixers

Reliable and sustainable solution for the treatment of urban and industrial effluents, they offer high efficiency and homogenization. Essential for oxygenating aquatic ecosystems, HIGRA’s aerators use water-lubricated radial bearings, guaranteeing sustainability, preservation of natural resources and better performance.


Concept and Features

HIGRA aerator line is designed and manufactured in compliance with the main quality, environmental, health and safety standards. 100% of the materials are recyclable and have been created to meet the needs of the wastewater treatment market. The product’s operational advantages include low noise emission, excellent fluid mixing and high oxygen incorporation. The innovative design of HIGRA equipment provides better hydropower efficiency, which leads to great savings in energy consumption. To create and continuously improve performance, HIGRA uses the most modern hydrodynamic simulation tools, always looking for the best cost-benefit ratio for the user.


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