Amphibious pumps

Technology developed by HIGRA represents innovation and power efficiency in pumping applications such as sanitation, harvesting, mining, water recirculation in wastewater treatment and irrigation systems. With easy and versatile installation, it works inside and out of water. Its unique design, with flanged axial suction, centrifugal impeller and integrated motor, offers superior performance at any condition.

Bomba Anfíbia

Concept and Features

The amphibious pumping concept is HIGRA’s pioneer unique development. The ability of a same equipment to operate inside and out of water, without any changes, is a result of the pump design. The fluid flow is admitted by the flanged axial suction, passes through a centrifugal impeller and alongside the motor. This system assures excellent thermal exchange, low noise emission (less than 60Db), versatile installation, low maintenance and high-power efficiency.

The company’s activities are based on sustainability, from product creation to its installation. Using state-of-the-art software, field situations are simulated to achieve the best performance results. All pumps go through a rigid battery of tests at HIGRA’s Hydropower Test Laboratory to get real proof of performance.

The use of the amphibious pump concept in pumping stations is an alternative market for those looking for a higher Return on Investment and peace of mind.

Bomba Anfíbia em Balsa

Our Amphibious Pumps

icon solucoes bombeamento 1 Amphibious pumps

Semi-Axial Pump
High Flow/Low Pressure

Flow rate: 1200 to 6000 m³/h
Power: 75 to 300 Hp
Pressure: up to 18 mH20

icon solucoes bombeamento 1 Amphibious pumps

Single and Multi-Stage Mixed Pump | High Flow

Flow rate: 120 to 2500 m³/h
Power: 12 to 600 Hp
Pressure: up to 50 mH20

icon solucoes bombeamento 1 Amphibious pumps

Single Stage Radial Pump | High Pressure

Flow rate: 15 to 2600 m³/h
Power: 10 to 750 Hp
Pressure: up to 80 mH20

icon solucoes bombeamento 1 Amphibious pumps

Multi-Stage Radial Pump | High Pressure

Flow rate: 14 to 2000 m³/h
Power: 15 to 600 Hp
Pressure: up to 295 mH20


Ways of Installation – HIGRA Amphibious Pumps

Bomba Anfíbia Submersa


Equipment totally submerged in the water. Ideal for any harvesting applications, such as irrigation, central pivot feeding, collection of river water for water treatment plants, raw water and others.

Bomba Anfíbia Parcialmente Submersa

Partially Submerged

Pump partially submerged in water. Ideal for shallow water level applications. For being an amphibious equipment, it has the ability of free collection, just like when operating totally submersed.

Bomba Anfíbia Modulada

Modulated Pumps

Combination of pumps summing flow rates and/or pressures. For being an amphibious equipment, it offers excellent drainage of high flow rates or discharge line pressurization.

Bomba Anfíbia em Sucção


Type of installation that characterizes HIGRA pumps’ amphibianism, assuring the same efficiency when operating submersed, when respected the NPSH conditions. Ideal for any application that demands suction operation regimen

Bomba Anfíbia em Linha


Pump connected to the pipeline to increase the pressure in a system. Compact and efficient solution for several systems.

Bomba Anfíbia em balsa

Over Float

Pump submersed over floating structure. Ideal for areas with restriction of space or access, such as lakes and rivers. Easy relocation and minimal environmental impact.

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