Amphibious Turbogenerators

This HIGRA technology is a source of clean and renewable electricity. It operates submerged or out of water, replaces reducing valves and takes advantage of hydraulic potential of waterfalls.


Concept and Features

HIGRA amphibious turbogenerator is an integrated power generation system that operates submerged or not, replaces reducing valves, uses waterfalls to generate energy and also recovers energy from dam spillways. With 70% efficiency recovered energy, the equipment automates the pressure in the distribution networks via remote control.

The amphibious turbogenerator is a completely integrated equipment, including an electric generator and turbine. The submerged electric generator is wet-type and cooled by the fluid passing through the machine, that provides excellent performance. The turbine is designed according to the application operating conditions, using CFD tools to optimize the geometry and achieve high efficiency.


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